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  • The Atlantic Area Operational Programme 2014-2020 states that cooperation between territories is facing several challenges related to the capacity of the European and Atlantic Area economy to grow, innovate and generate jobs. This project supports the reduction of any existing innovation barriers to attract new investments and activity in the RDI fields. Thus, supporting cooperation in the exploration of new ideas and research is regarded as a major priority for the Programme. This consortium is well placed to provide state-of-the-art techniques and processes to a wide range of industries to detect toxicity in a high variety of products of marine origin.
  • This is also a new climate change-related challenge faced by AA regions as a whole, where environmental threats such as water eutrophication and consequent increasing levels of toxicity are a problem for the whole food industry, which needs to elaborate and adopt new market processes to ensure safe product delivery to the consumers. Thus, this challenge is implicitly addressed by ALERTOX-NET
  • The project will deliver scientific, technical services and provide advice to regulatory authorities, which will underpin development in the Aquaculture sector. The project will help maintain international excellence in seafood safety research in order to gain a better prediction of risk and provide scientific advice to meet the needs of stakeholders. The project will continue to support partnerships and collaboration between international scientists in this specialised field.