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Alertox-net main objective is to facilitate market delivery of safer marine food products by putting urgently needed innovative Toxicity alert systems in the value chain.

  • Main toxins targeted are emerging toxins, non-regulated marine toxins that have proliferated in the AA as a consequence of climate change and which are harmful towards public health. The system consists of cost-effective, easy-to-understand, detection and alert methods, which will facilitate adoption by industry.
  • Furthermore, Alertox-net will recommend a regulatory Framework addressed to public agents regarding emerging toxins, Including tetrodotoxins, palytoxins and cyclic imines, due to their risks. Alertox-net will have a bottom-up approach: from the “on the-Ground” demonstration in affected industries, to cooperation with administration to adapt regulations to the risk represented by emerging toxins.
  • The change sought is to provide better and Easy-to-use detection and alert systems for emerging toxins so that industries will be prepared to detect those toxins, as well as public administrations, which will be involved in Alertox-net, to get the directly required regulatory changes to adapt legislation (e.g. Public controls, toxins To consider, etc.).
  • Moreover, the alert system will be also developed for toxins that are currently regulated so that industries which are not Adapted, e.g. they are not aware of the toxins and methods, can benefit from better protected products for their consumers.