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WP1 Project coordination

 A Project Roadmap Plan will be designed at the beginning of the project to ensure the correct distribution of roles and tasks among partners.

  • It will also define the main management and working methodologies to monitor the project performance and ensure a proper coordination and implementation.
  • Management and Coordination Structures will be created: the Monitoring Committee, the Technical Committee and the Common Secretariat.
  • Financial Management and Steering Systems will be set up from the first month, creating an Administrative and Financial Manual.

 These will be distributed among all partners to ensure a specific accountability is used by all, the diligent management of all financial documents and the proper justification of payment requests and progress reports.

An Evaluation Plan will define the methodology to carry out the different evaluations.

  • There will be three evaluations during the project lifetime: two intermediate and a final one. When failures and non-conformities are identified, corrective measures will be implemented.

Suitable communication channels will be established among partners, guaranteeing that the project implementation is running according to the foreseen schedule. The project website will also serve as an internal channel of communication among the project partners for exchanging information through a virtual intranet.

A strategy on risk management will contain the guidelines and standards which will run the quality assurance of project procedures and results.

  • It will identify the potential risks for the implementation in each WP, and assess them according to its probability and impact (high, medium, low)
  • To each risk a mitigation measure will be proposed.
  • The strategy will be regularly updated to match the project needs at any time and under request of a partner.