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WP5 Joint Design of an Easy-to-Use Toxicity Alert System

From the methods and procedures offered by the RTOs in WP4, a number of them will be short-listed and prioritised per industrial sector. This will be done after an exhaustive analysis of the value chain and the processing steps undertaken by each industry. A set of terms of reference will be selected to ensure the compatibility among the different food sectors (aquaculture, canning, etc.) to develop a valid methodology for industrial implementation. A number of approaches will be studied to cover the full range of industries where the alert system will be piloted afterwards. Once compatibility is ensured, an Alert system will be developed and adapted according to the specific detection procedures. It will lead to the establishment of a new procedure and, potentially, to a marketable service in this area.


To define the alert system final configuration, opinions from relevant regional stakeholders will be discussed in a transnational Strategic Workshops. Based on conclusions from this workshop an Adoption Guide will be issued, which will be used to pilot the system in WP6. The involvement of end-users in this WP is essential to endorse the system. The consortium will ensure that they participate in regional meetings as well as in the workshop. The Platform will be also used to guarantee their participation. All partners will be involved in this work package. USC will be in charge of coordinating and centralising all the information from the members of the consortium.