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WP6 Industrial Pilot of the Toxicity Alert System

The Consortium will firstly define the Scope and Schedule of the Pilot. USC, INTECMAR, MARINE INSTITUTE, FCUP, CEA and AZTI will be involved although it is open for all partners to participate actively.

Partners will ensure relevant companies allow the pilot to be carried out in their facilities. They will act as intermediaries when arranging details although an active participation of the companies is expected. 3 Associated Partners have already joined the Consortium to provide companies. The pilots will be carried out in 2 sets of dates given the amount of resources needed for the coordination in the 7 regions. The pilots running within the same sector or at similar facilities will be scheduled in different periods.

After carrying out the 7 pilots, a final report with results will be issued, entitled ‘From analytical procedures to the definition of a comprehensive and replicable toxicity alert system for marine food industries’. As this is a hot topic at EU level, they will aim at issuing an article on an international journal or submitting a communication to a relevant conference.

MARINE INSTITUTE will be in charge of coordinating the pilot and centralise all the information from the partners. Finally, an Alert system will be set up. Adoption Guidelines will be issued giving information on the Alert System to the industry. This activity will be led by INTECMAR.